• This is a general FAQ and is not specific to you. If you have any issues, please contact me at radiusdark@gmail.com or just respond to my email. Thanks!
  • Let me know if you spot any typos!
  • I’ve attached a few YouTube tutorials. I’ve skimmed through them, but they all seem to give good advice. However, you should go through and find other tuts if these don’t work for you. Better yet, if you can find a mentor, use them!
  • Please Read Grooby’s Code of Conduct: http://www.grooby.com/code-conduct


  • Must not be expired
  • Must be issued by a government agency like a state ID, passport, or driver’s licence
  • Must have your picture on it
  • Must not be mutilated nor damaged to the point were any of the print is illegible.
  • Can’t be a paper ID or an expired ID with an extension.


What happens during the shoots:

  • These are two solo performances (two different outfits)
  • You start out fully clothed, and then gradually strip down
  • Eventually, you must get hard. BRING PORN TO MASTURBATE TO.
  • At the end, you cum once. It does not need to be some major cumshot. Even squeezing out a drop is fine.
  • During the shoot, you will do all kinds of poses.
  • During the video, you must be able to do some sexy talk and turn on the viewer. Try to prepare your dirty talk before hand.

The Paperwork:


  • ******DO NOT USE ONLY BRA AND PANTIES FOR AN OUTFIT OR BRING ANY BRANDED CLOTHES****** For example, lingerie that says the brand name in big letters or has the logo on it (PINK for example).
  • No stained or old clothes
  • You need two outfits
  • Bring shoes/heels for both
  • Jewelry if you want
  • Dresses with heels are got
  • Bra and panties are great too, especially with stockings and heels (an outfit to go over this is even better)
  • A t-shirt (no brands or logos) and jeans
  • School girl look

Hair: Style that hair! It’s the most important thing.

  • Many of the “top” models curl their hair for shoots, but you’ll notice that it always looks good.
  • Top models also wear extensions. While these may be expensive, you can get less expensive clip in extensions that work perfectly for shoots.
  • Wig: If you want to wear a wig, make sure it looks as little like a wig as possible


  • This is the type of look I’ll want, but if you can do something better – do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DS5IC0Sj1g
  • You can always make an appointment at a place like MAC, Ulta, or Sephora to have your makeup done if you don’t know how to do it.
  • Make sure the makeup is matte, this means it doesn’t shine when the lights hit your face. A shiny face is not good.
  • Get your eyebrows shaped if you can.

Fingernails and toenails:

  • If you can not afford to get a manicure/pedicure, I understand. However, make sure your nails look nice.
  • You can pick up press on fingernails and toenails from CVS or Walgreens for a few dollars. Make sure you have superglue regardless of what the package says
  • Use pumice stone on rough feet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv63OJixJtI
  • Even if you don’t wear polish or press on nails, make sure you nails are filed down and look nice. Polish/press on nails are better, though.

Skincare: These tips may help your skin look great

  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water in the days leading up to the shoot
  • Avoid allergens like dairy, gluten, cooking oils, or the combination of sugar and animal fat if possible.
  • Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and plant fats (nuts, avocados, ect…)

Body Hair

  • Try to shave off all body hair the day of the shoot to avoid bumps
  • I prefer models only have hair on their head an eyebrows
  • Not 100% against a “landing strip,” but things need to look neat.

Butt Stuff

  • Make sure you deeply clean your butt hole even if you’re not sticking anything up there. I’ve had to stop shoots and tell a few people to go clean their butt more than a few times.
  • Spread it and clean it out with a wet wipe or something.
  • If you’re going to want to use your dildo, make sure you’re completely cleaned out. They’re fun, but not required.
  • Watch that hair. Get a small mirror or something so you can check to make sure the butt is hair free.

Sex Toys

  • Hitachi: If it helps you get hard, please bring it.
  • Dildo: Definitely bring it as long as you’re cleaned out.
  • Butt Plugs: Same as dildos.
  • Rope and other restraints: I’m not sure about this one, honestly.
  • Anything else you can think of: Bring it