Where does the Name TS Brielle Bop Come From?

TS Brielle Bop Is STILL the Best

I had yet another TS model try to convince me that Brielle Bop doesn’t have the best face. According to other TS’ Brielle Bop is only popular because of her HUGE cock.


Get outta my face. Brielle Bop is popular because of her face, not her cock. Her cock could be five inches and she would STILL be popular. In fact, she has it all. Stop hatin.

Brielle Bop’s Stats: Read em and weep!

Height: 5’9″ – tall and sexy
Weight: 125 lbs – Slim, yet curvy!
Shoe Size: 8.5 smaller than most genetic girls her height and her feet are amazing!
Ass: Fat!
Look: That nerdy chick you always wanted to bang!
Hair: Beautiful!
Cock: The name Bop comes from her slapping her stomach and it making a thunderous sound. What do you think? Brielle comes from a song.

Shemale Foot Goddess Brielle Bop shows off her sexy soft soles and toes. Size 8.5!

Shemale Foot Goddess Brielle Bop shows off her sexy soft soles and toes. Size 8.5!

She’s also a Gemini, so she has a way with words. She’s definitely one of the best talkers I’ve worked with. You’ve got to watch what you say around her as she’ll quickly turn it into a dirty joke!

Brielle Bop: What’s up with the new hardcore shoot with Christian?

Brielle Bop Could Be the Best TS Model. Period. And ChristianXXX Goes Beast Mode.

(Fuck this post, I can’t get the formatting to stay correct, so deal with it)

I was on a Chan site and I saw a few concerns about the upcoming Brielle Bop hardcore shoot. There’s a bunch of dudes afraid it won’t live up to their expectations. If it doesn’t, well, you’re being ridiculous…

TS Brielle Bop chilling before dropping her biggest cumshot yet. Yes bitch, biggest yet!

TS Brielle Bop chilling before dropping her biggest cumshot yet. Yes bitch, biggest yet!

Their posts/My answers from this thread:

  • Using words like “cum buckets” and “huge wad of cum”… What we will get is 2-3 drops of ooze, at best.
    This man is nervous as hell. I, personally do not like cumshots, but I am like the gestapo at times when it comes to them. Sometimes the model can’t cum at all. With hormones it happens. 
    However, Brielle Bop only had that problem when her boyfriend was breathing down her neck. Boyfriends are now banned from my shoots. I do want to stress that Brielle Bop’s ex-boyfriend was cool as hell, unlike most dudes that come to shoots. You guys don’t even know the tear that this girl has been on lately… but you’ll learn soon.Huge wad of cum is an accurate description.
  • When I’m just watching it, I don’t give a fuck, condoms make bad porn. So the rare videos where shemales do bareback are a real treat. A just thinking about Bop going BB makes me want to cum already. But sadly I know it’s going to end the same way all shemale porn end, with the guy jacking off. Man I hate that shit.
    Then stop the video when Brielle Bop cums! J/K. It does not end that way. I thought of you nasty cum fans when I came up for the ending for this video!
  • yeah but if you have seen more than 1 scene w/ christian. You would have known the pop would be fizzle at best.
    Not sure why this guy cares so much about Christian’s cumshot. I did watch a bunch of hardcore videos before I did my first one (for shemaleyum.com, anyway) which featured Gina Hart and Torque (the scene ends with Gina Hart sucking cock and cumming, btw… asshole. LOL).He must have been drinking beast mode juice for these shoots. He did two scenes for me and the second cumshot was way bigger than the first and the first one was big. He really enjoyed those girls.
  • I want to eat, lick, nibble, suck and fuck Bop so bad. She’s one of the hottest girls to ever grace /di/.
    Brielle Bop is my dream model. Her dick is big enough (7″ long x 5.5″ around) so that she can do all the poses. Even though she’s tall, her feet, wrists, and hands are as small as or smaller than the average woman of her height (5’9″).She can cum with no issue at all (at least for me).Her ass is fat and juicy and her legs are slightly muscular in a feminine way.She’s got a little awkwardness, combined with a dirty mind and cockiness. That’s hot.She also knows how to fuck! Once you see those faces she makes and the way she moves her body. You’ll be hooked!

    The back and forth banter between the two performers in her hardcore with Christian, if you’re not a fan, you’ll become one! Hell, I’ve abstained from sex (I’ve fooled around, though) since August of 2010, because I don’t want to be trying to fuck all the models. The way my mind goes is attack, attack, attack (my Mars is in Gemini), so I have to shut that off to do this type of work.Yea, well, after this shit I called my ex-girlfriend. Fuckin Easter man. I have to wait!

    You WILL want to grab the nearest chick and tear that ass up after you watch this scene!

  • Someone reposted the picture of Blackula and Brielle Bop, which I took, and said it was me in the picture. Nope.
    Someone said Blackula looks like Randy Moss. I’m from the same bloodline, but I don’t look like Randy Moss.
Shemale Brielle Bop has some of the sexiest feet any TS on Yum has displayed. Foot fetish guys LOVE Brielle!

Shemale Brielle Bop has some of the sexiest feet any TS on Yum has displayed. Foot fetish guys LOVE Brielle!

  • How long do you think it’ll take to hit the net? Depends on the producers. They can withhold the video for an update for a later time. I remember one Brielle vid that didn’t come out before like 2 months after shooting. That was SY I think.
    I shot the scene for Shemale Yum. There will not be a long wait for this shoot to come out. It took forever to get her to agree to the shoot, though (around a year).
  • Brielle here, I’m back, and I even have a twitter now if you wanna stay in touch xoxo/haha welcome back! Shut me up right away hehe, but please, do share your twitter account with us :D
  • Does anyone have the video with her and her boyfriend that is not the short one. Apparently there is a long one floating around!
    If it’s the one I shot, it better not be floating around.
Shemale Brielle Bop looking in the mirror during a recent shoot with Yum photographer Radius Dark.

Shemale Brielle Bop looking in the mirror during a recent shoot with Yum photographer Radius Dark.

  • Hey does anyone have an account for Shemale Yum? There is this particular trap I NEED to see there, but I don’t want to sign up for an account. since I just need this one girl.
    What a douche. Just like you can’t drive the car that 50 Cent drives, you shouldn’t be worrying about Brielle Bop when you should be figuring out how to buy groceries. LOL. Like it was free for me to put this content together or something.Nah, I’m just kidding. But don’t get your account suspended because of this cheap skate.
  • http://briellebop.com/ – Which one of you did this?
    Gee, take a wild guess.
  • She looks manlier than I do and I’m not even trans. She just looks like a skinny hipster faggot.
    Without her boyfriend posting private shit to the internet and her working with me, no one would even know she’s trans. Get real. That’s just some ol hateful shit. LOL.

Video: TS Brielle Bop’s Shemale Yum Hardcore Shoot Is On Fire

TS Brielle Bop Gives ChristianXXX a Blow Job

Brielle Bop’s first hardcore shoot is scheduled to come out very soon, but it is not available on Shemale Yum yet. Keep visiting the site on Fridays and you will see it in the updates when it comes out. Hopefully that will be within a couple of weeks!

Brielle Bop delivers a hardcore shoot for the ages when ChristianXXX made a trip up the state to give that ass a good fucking.

This is a very natural scene with no acting, just straight up fucking. Here is the intro to video…

Download (10 mb)
Join Shemale Yum to Get A Front Row Seat to this Momentous Event!

As hot as that was, wait until you see the main video. I think it’s about 25 minutes long with no slow downs. I knew Brielle Bop would be a natural at this hardcore shit.

She rode Christian’s cock like a champ and she’s very feminine and fluid. Of course, before they got down to business, there was about 8 solid minutes of foreplay, then it was down to business.

Wait until you see Brielle Bop’s incredible fuck faces! This girl will inspire you to take out your cock and play along, because you know this shemale starlet is getting fucked, because she lets you know.

TS Brielle Bop has a nice tight ass. We have the video to prove it!

TS Brielle Bop has a nice tight ass. We have the video to prove it!

This video has some amazing dialog and back and forth banter between the performers. During our first shoot, I remembered that Brielle E. Bop’s boyfriend insisted that she can not cum without something in her ass, which is not true. On every other shoot, she’s cum buckets without anything in her ass…

Until this shoot.

Brielle said that she’d never cum while being fucked from the position that Christian was fucking her from. She dropped her 3rd huge cum load in a week for me as she coached Christian to “not stop, keep going” until she dropped a huge wad of cum that covered up her thick cock.

She continued to get fucked by Christian until he jacked off and came on her trademark, nerdy glasses.


Brielle Bop was told specifically to stay away from ChristianXXX, instead, she sucks and rides his cock until she cums!

Brielle Bop was told specifically to stay away from ChristianXXX, instead, she sucks and rides his cock until she cums!

What did the sexiest tgirl of them all do? Brielle Bop just smiled and blew a kiss as the camera faded out.

What an awesome shoot! All kinds of positions and natural chemistry and sex talk the whole way. Might this one even top the Gina Hart video I did? We’ll see!

Join to See More of Brielle Bop

Brielle Bop is back on Shemale Yum and looking better than ever!

TS Brielle Bop is Young, Hung, and Full of CUM!

TS Brielle Bop is so sexy with her perky, natural tits!

TS Brielle Bop is so sexy with her perky, natural tits!

The first time I worked with Brielle Bop, she came to the shoot with her ex-boyfriend which is always a horrific idea. I don’t even allow non-models at my shoots any more. They’re fucking terrible.

However, Brielle Bop’s boyfriend was a cool dude. Alas, as always, Brielle couldn’t cum during the first shoot. Models generally are too nervous in front of friends and significant others to cum on camera.

The only model that’s been able to cum with a friend present is the ever sexy Taylor Criss and that’s when she was being fucked in the ass during a hardcore scene, so that doesn’t count.

TS Brielle Bop with her long, sexy legs and feet in flip flops for the foot fetish guys!

TS Brielle Bop with her long, sexy legs and feet in flip flops for the foot fetish guys!

I’ve only had four TS models for shemaleyum.com not be able to cum and one for tgirlsgohard.com for a total of five. Guess what they all had in common?

You guessed it, they’re boyfriend/girlfriend was at the shoot. Fuck that, keep you’re overbearing significant other back. We ain’t doing this for a fun date night, it’s work baby!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, Brielle Bop. The second time I worked with her, the shoot flew by. Instead of taking more than six hours to complete, another side effect of boyfriends at shoots, the shoot lasted less than three hours and guess what?

Shemale Brielle Bop out in the park with beautiful legs looking cute as ever!

Shemale Brielle Bop out in the park with beautiful legs looking cute as ever!

Correct again, Brielle Bop was able to pop a cum shot!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve shot Brielle three times, producing three solo sets/videos and one hardcore set/video with Mr. ChristianXXX himself. This includes three big cumshots!

Once the bane of my existence for not producing a shoot with a cumshot, she’s now blowing loads left and right.

TS Brielle Bop is as sexy as the cum, as she's cum repeatedly over the last couple of weeks!

TS Brielle Bop is as sexy as the cum, as she’s cum repeatedly over the last couple of weeks!

Brielle’s also one hell of a performer! She didn’t allow Christian to steal the show. She gives one hell of a blow job and rode Christian like a champ!

TS Brielle Bop is sexy and back on ShemaleYum for the good of man kind in her panties!

TS Brielle Bop is sexy and back on ShemaleYum for the good of man kind in her panties!

It was my pleasure working with her all these times over the past few days. Can’t wait to work with her again in the future!

TS Brielle Bop riding ChristianXXX' dick about to cum for Shemale, damn sure, Yum!

TS Brielle Bop riding ChristianXXX’ dick about to cum for Shemale, damn sure, Yum!

Brielle Bop was told specifically to stay away from ChristianXXX, instead, she sucks and rides his cock until she cums!

Brielle Bop was told specifically to stay away from ChristianXXX, instead, she sucks and rides his cock until she cums!

Gina Hart: Shemale Yum Hardcore Shoot with Torque

Gina Hart Heats Up the Screen for Shemale Yum Once Again

TS Gina Hart goes dick to dick with Torque during her hardcore scene for Yum

TS Gina Hart goes dick to dick with Torque during her hardcore scene for Yum

I was chilling up in my room with no cell phone service what-so-ever and it hit me, check to see if Torque had arrived yet.

Torque was sitting downstairs in the lobby waiting, dressed in his biker gear, looking inconspicuous.

We took his stuff upstairs and the went outside to check and see where Gina Hart was. It was a minor miracle that Gina Hart even made it, because she was involved in a total loss accident and sent me a picture of herself in a neck brace on a stretcher (taken by her friend) being put into the ambulance.

The put her on pain meds, so I was like, “better call some see if I can find a regular chick to do a foot fetish shoot with for my own site. Rats!”

Needless to say, she was able to make it.

Shemale Gina Hart stuffs Torque's huge cock deep down her throat.

Shemale Gina Hart stuffs Torque’s huge cock deep down her throat.

So we called Gina Hart and she was on her way to Starbucks right after she found a park space.

There are too many damn Starbucks and parking garages in San Francisco, because we waited outside the nearest parking garage for her and somehow she slipped past us only to find out she was at the other Starbucks a block away.

Torque and I walked past the wrong Starbucks up the street. We so a couple of interesting fellows playing money for cash on the street corner. I dropped a couple of bucks in one guy’s hat only to think, that better not have been a one hundred-dollar bill or me and this dude will really put on a show for the people, but it wasn’t.

The weather was so nice out in San Francisco that it seemed like we were walking down a giant hallway rather than outside on the street in a world-class city. The sun had just gone down and the people were hitting the street on a Friday night.

Shemale Gina Hart takes the whole dick up her ass jack hammer style!

Shemale Gina Hart takes the whole dick up her ass jack hammer style!

I saw a very tall, beautiful Asian girl. Someone on the street called her out for being trans, but she didn’t look like she was trans to me. I was thinking, “I wish that douchebag would fuck with me while I’ve got Gina Hart with me. It’s gonna be an ass stompin.”

In reality I’d probably just tell him to fuck off.


We got to the Starbucks and Gina Hart was talking to an older gentleman about her Oakland Ass (rather than Oakland A’s) ball cap. The guy was really trying to chat her up, so she didn’t even know we were there.

After about 7 minutes of this guy go on and on, I finally decided to save Gina Hart and have her come over to sit with use while she waited for her coffee.

We then left Starbucks. Since Gina wanted to get some feminine products, we took her back and went back to the hotel room and waited for her.

Eventually the two of them showered up and got a little frisky after some general bullshittin.

The two of them had a real chemistry as Gina Hart loved Torque’s look and Torque was well aware of who Gina is. Luckily, I’d shot Gina Hart with Kitty Doll and done a hardcore with Taylor Cross and Gabriel, so I’d already worked out the challenges of shooting hardcore.

I purposely wanted to make this shoot different from all the other hardcore scenes I’d seen. I also wanted to put out a lot of content with the shoot as well so the people could get more invested in it.

At the end of the day, I sent a picture of Gina Hart riding cock to Brielle Bop with the an arrow point to the action and a caption that reads “Brielle Bop goes here.” Which Brielle thought was funny.

…but I’m not joking. LOL.

Shemale Gina Hart fucking hardcore with a huge cock

Shemale Gina Hart fucking hardcore with a huge cock

It was a totally fun shoot. Soon I’ll do a write-up describing the video, so that fans of Gina Hart can get all lathered up and ready for the show!

Sexy Brielle Bop Shows Off Her Hot Legs and Feet!

The second set of the latest Brielle Bop shoot is up at Shemale Yum!

Here’s a little sample from this gorgeous beauty. Everybody, including the foot fetish guys, will love this pictures.

We’ve got feet, toes, legs, a hard cock, her ass, her ass hole, her nipples (natural hormone breasts!), and her cute face.

Ass, feet, hard cock, and Brielle Bop. What's not to like?

Ass, feet, hard cock, and Brielle Bop. What’s not to like?

Brielle Bop’s Greatest Misses on Shemale Yum

Shemale Yum Star Brielle Bop Ranks Among My Favorite Models of All Time

(Over 100)

Okay, so Brielle Bop did an excellent shoot with me the last time we worked together.

I purchased new equipment after the shoot with her and really can’t figure out if I should do every shoot in the same style I did Brielle Bop’s shoot or what.

…meaning, should I even use my new equipment?

I did use the new equipment for my last shoot with a brand new model named Serenity Sora.

TS Serenity Sora is a brand new model for Shemale Yum who will make her debut soon.

TS Serenity Sora is a brand new model for Shemale Yum who will make her debut soon.

The way I shoot Brielle was with constant lighting (a lot of photographers use flashes). I then proceeded to take a shit load of pictures very fast. I think my camera got pissed off. Seriously, the number of photos was laughable, like 1400.

(However, due to Brielle Bop’s constant erection, the shoot only took three and a half hours to complete even including the time it takes me to set up my equipment – usually 30 mins to an hour. Most models can’t keep an erection, so…)

I then cut out about 1000 of those pictures which is called “culling.” For me, it takes me about 1 – 2 seconds to decide whether to keep or delete an image and my computer is very fast, so this process takes no time at all.

The drawback is that I can not shoot in the highest quality. Typically, I’m confident enough in my shoots that this is not a major issue, since the pictures are still very high quality.

I’ve got a couple of shoots scheduled with brand new models coming up. I think I’m going to go ahead and shoot the photos in the same style as the last Brielle Bop shoot and the videos in the same style as the very first Brielle Bop video.

…I think.

Anyway, that Brielle Bop shoot was so good that these are the pictures that the editors cut out!

TS Brielle Bop's photos that didn't make the cut on her latest set!

TS Brielle Bop’s photos that didn’t make the cut on her latest set!

If you’re a fan of shemaleyum.com and have any suggestions or input on what you’d like to see, let me know. I’m very approachable and if you have a great idea, I may just use it if it’s feasible. Just don’t be ridiculous.

Contrary to what every one believes, I’m not a foot fetishist. However, I incorporate it into my shoots, because there are TON of people who love feet (and hands, and legs). I try to please as many people as I can. My years of working in the foot fetish industry give me the inside scoop on peds!


TS Brielle Bop gives an interview after her last Shemale Yum Shoot!

Brielle Bop Interviews with Radius Dark

Shemale star Brielle Bop is making her return to Shemale Yum soon and after the shoot she talked about a few things while we waited for the shoot to download to my computer.

I took 800 – 900 shots and then deleted a ton of them until there were about 350 – 400 left, so there should be some great shoots of Brielle Bop in the sets once the editors over a Grooby Productions get a hold of the pictures.

Actually, they’ve already completed the edit and there are some previews of the shoot in the coming soon section of SMY. So head on over and check them out.

Brielle Bop actually stayed hard the entire time, which was the polar opposite of the last shoot. I don’t believe Brielle was flaccid at anytime during the photoshoot. She just walked around with an erection the entire time.

Vintage Brielle Bop shot of her hard cock sitting on the toilet!

Vintage Brielle Bop shot of her hard cock sitting on the toilet!

I may have mentioned it before, but Brielle Bop (who turned 21 this year) is either still growing or just stopped. She’s at least a couple of inches taller (or I’ve shrunk) and I can stress to you how long her legs look.

She’s also got some new glasses to add to that Brielle Bop, nerdy look. She looks great in them, but when I had her take them off, I noticed that she has a brand new look. The shape of her face has changed ever so slightly, taking her from cute to gorgeous in those shoots were she’s without the specs.

Since I know that a lot of guys like her without the glasses on, I took several shots with and without the glasses (I’m sure someone will still complain, but hey…).

I wanted to make sure I got some shots of Brielle Bop that incorporated her face, cock, ass, and feet, so there are a few three-for and four-for shots. They’re awesome.

She has a big cock that I thought would look good in the penis pump, so there are some good shots of her nearly filling up there entire chamber once she got to pumping that thing up.

Also, she either didn’t get fully hard or her dick has grown a bit. Wait until you see the new shots when she measures her cock!

You know that one of the things that confounded Brielle Bop fans is that she didn’t cum in the last shoot. She says she was nervous and I believe her. She was. She was not nervous at all this time and let off a load.

From what I can tell, Grooby Productions is going to put that set on Shemale Yum first, so the elusive Brielle Bop cum shot is coming sooner rather than later!

New image of shemale Brielle Bop's big rock hard cock, sexy titties, and sexy body!

New image of shemale Brielle Bop’s big rock hard cock, sexy titties, and sexy body!

Brielle Bop greatest misses: How’d this picture get overlooked for Shemale Yum?

Shemale sexpot Brielle Bop getting hard!

I’m not sure if I deleted this picture from the set or the photo editors did, but this is one sexy picture of Brielle Bop. She’s on the verge of getting hard.

One thing you’ll quickly realize in her new Shemale Yum set is that she’s hard in every cock picture. There are no flaccid shoots. She was THAT horny and hard throughout the entire process!

Brielle Bop, sexy young shemale, gets her big cock nice and hard!

Brielle Bop is Coming Back to Shemale Yum!

Brielle Bop is Back and Looks Even Better!

Brielle Bop behind the scenes during her Shemale Yum shoot. The elusive Brielle Bop Cumshot is coming soon!

Brielle Bop will be making her spectacular return to Shemale Yum very soon. We hooked up for a shoot.

I think one reason why Brielle Bop wanted to wait to reshoot is that she wanted to be able give the people what they were missing. If you were looking for that Brielle Bop cumshot, it’ll be coming in the fourth update on Shemale Yum.

She appears to have grown a little bit. She seems a little taller, her ass is definitely a little bigger, her face is a little prettier, her legs look about one thousand miles long.

She was not nervous at all for this shoot and her cock stayed hard for nearly the entire time. If you though her dick was big before, just wait until you see this shoot. She didn’t get fully hard for more than a second or two on the last shoot, this time the opposite was true.

Once Brielle Bop got hard it stayed at attention with no fluffing.

She wants to get out there more, so stay tuned, because TS Brielle Bop is back. In fact, she may even debut on Shemale.xxx, but that remains to be seen.

Her move to San Francisco resulted in some body changes. If you’re unfamiliar with the city, you pretty much have to walk every where. Fat people are scarce out there, but the ones that are there are also in pretty good shape.

Her ass has grown a little bit from all that walking, that much is obvious. She was kind of surprised to find that out.

We did some pics with and without her trade mark glasses, but it looks like we’ll probably go glasses free for most of the future work, because Brielle Bop’s look drastically changes when the glasses are off and we both agree that she looks great without them.

Anyway, stop by Shemale Yum and check her out. In the meantime, here are a few candid pictures!

 You can only find Brielle Bop on ShemaleYum.com

Shemale Mega Star Brielle Bop Getting Rock Hard

Sexy white shemale with a big hard cock named Brielle Bop!

Shemale Stunner Brielle Bop is Getting Rock Hard!

When I shot with sexy shemale Brielle Bop, I didn’t know she had a big following online, but she has a very crazy and devoted fan base that was upset that I used proper lighting and a professional camera to capture this sexy trap who is currently one of the most popular models on Shemale Yum.

She’s got a surprisingly big cock that never really got fully hard, which is the danger when you work with a shemale with a really thick cock like she’s got. Continue reading

TS Brielle Bop

Brielle Bop has a nice following on the internet. She was actually referred to me by shemaleyum.com.

She has a really fat cock on a small body. She claims to be 5’9″, but there is no way. She’s more like 5’6″ or 5’7″. Then again, she is just very small framed. Maybe she is that tall. I don’t know. She only wears a size 8.5 shoe, and is extremely passable.

The shoot ran pretty long. She was nervous about the shoot. She came with her boyfriend, because she was so nervous. What people tend to not realize is that bringing a friend with you to these shoots makes you more nervous, not less. LOL.

Think of it like this. A superstar running from San Diego is returning with the Washington Redskins to play the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. All of his friends and family are there expecting an amazing performance. It’s nerve racking.

Even so, Bop did a great job and her boyfriend was awesome.

This was the first time I actually scripted a shoot. I read somewhere that the first video (the second video is not up yet) was the best they’d seen on Shemale Yum in years. I’m currently waiting to see if she wants to shoot again once she comes back to the SF Bay Area.

Her boyfriend thinks she can be one of the best. So do I!

Once again, Ms. Karin Sin comes through. She gave us a dildo to stick in Bop’s ass during the second video!

TS Brielle Bop sitting on a toilet with her big dick hard and pointing directly at you!

This is an amazing shot of TS Brielle Bop. Perfect face, hormone breasts, and a big, erect cock!