Coming Soon to Shemale Yum: TS Cassie Sparkles

So, I just recently did a couple of shoots for Shemale Yum.

There is a new shoot of Kitty Doll, which I’ll be taking a look at shortly, and one of brand new Shemale Yum model, Cassie Sparkles.

She’s tall with a supermodel’s build, so there are some great captures in there.

Of course there are a couple of videos forth coming with those photoshoots. She’s one of the few models who can let off a rocket like cum-shot. I know that a lot of fans like that, so look out for it.

…and duck.

TS Cassie Sparkles is coming soon to Shemale Yum!

TS Cassie Sparkles is coming soon to SMY!

She says she’ll be relocating to Southern California soon.

TS Brielle Bop

Brielle Bop has a nice following on the internet. She was actually referred to me by

She has a really fat cock on a small body. She claims to be 5’9″, but there is no way. She’s more like 5’6″ or 5’7″. Then again, she is just very small framed. Maybe she is that tall. I don’t know. She only wears a size 8.5 shoe, and is extremely passable.

The shoot ran pretty long. She was nervous about the shoot. She came with her boyfriend, because she was so nervous. What people tend to not realize is that bringing a friend with you to these shoots makes you more nervous, not less. LOL.

Think of it like this. A superstar running from San Diego is returning with the Washington Redskins to play the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. All of his friends and family are there expecting an amazing performance. It’s nerve racking.

Even so, Bop did a great job and her boyfriend was awesome.

This was the first time I actually scripted a shoot. I read somewhere that the first video (the second video is not up yet) was the best they’d seen on Shemale Yum in years. I’m currently waiting to see if she wants to shoot again once she comes back to the SF Bay Area.

Her boyfriend thinks she can be one of the best. So do I!

Once again, Ms. Karin Sin comes through. She gave us a dildo to stick in Bop’s ass during the second video!

TS Brielle Bop sitting on a toilet with her big dick hard and pointing directly at you!

This is an amazing shot of TS Brielle Bop. Perfect face, hormone breasts, and a big, erect cock!


March 9th, 2008 – This is the first model I shot for, but I decided to just eat the cost of this shoot and forget about it. I may use it in the future, but for now it’s collecting dust.

I do feel like this shoot was a positive learning experience though.

Transsexual shows off her breasts and cock


Jessica Bunny Thomas

Jessica Bunny Thomas, or JBT as I call her, is a crossdresser that was nice enough to shoot with me and help me get my feet wet in preparation for doing shoots for

She did a great job and was very easy to work with. There were some definite challenges for me in shooting nudity for the first time, but it was fairly easy. This was back around the time when I wasn’t really that good at lighting a scene.

Around 2010, I really took a step back to learn how to light a scene. When I first started shooting in 2005, I really went by the book and my lighting was excellent for artistic shoots. Somewhere in there, I got complacent and my lighting really took a dip.

Back in 2010, I changed my focus from expensive equipment to excellent lighting. I wish I could go back and reshoot with JBT. She was excellent.

Crossdresser wears a penis pump

If you wondering, she does have a fairly large unit. Very thick and the penis pump certainly didn't hurt. :)