TS Gina Hart: Sexy Petite Shemale Yum Star Does Hardcore Again!

Shemale Yum star TS Gina Hart has been in front of my camera a few times.

I hit her up on a modeling site and just so happened to connect with her when she was visiting from Texas or maybe it was Oklahoma… I don’t know, one of those type of states.

She’s stayed in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve shot her fucking TS Kitty Doll, going hardcore with TS Jacqueline Woods behind the scenes, and now fucking new male talent Torque (courtesy of Kitty).

She’s a very freaky and organically sexy transsexual starlet, whose energy translates well to video. You will feel that she is really into getting fucked in this latest scene, well, because she is!

It was a pretty productive shoot with several things you have not seen from a shemale hardcore scene before. The video it’s self is about 23 minutes long. With cumshots from both Gina Hart and Torque to finish it off.

Of course Gina likes it on her face.

I just got my ass out of the way and let them fuck hardcore.

I also have a special treat for all my foot fetish fans. As some of you know, I have my roots in foot fetish photography and Gina Hart is the first Shemale Yum model that I felt comfortable enough to introduce a significant number of foot fetish shots into my sets. I figured I might as well do a special foot vid for all of the Gina Hart and Radius Dark fans out there!

You know this was a fun shoot, because of all the bonus material I have to share. We’ve got an interview with the two stars, the bonus foot/hand fetish scene, a strictly cumshot scene with a bonus angle not seen in the main video, a ten minute behind the scenes video, and of course the main video itself.

I’m really happy to get a BTS scene in there. It’s been difficult with the last few shoots to get anything but the bare minimum. Hopefully people will enjoy seeing me fuck around with the performers as well as enjoy a few sexual scenes that didn’t make it into the final video!

Special thanks to TS Gina Hart and new male stud Torque for doing a great job!

Shemale Gina Hart is fingered in the ass before being fucked by Torque

Shemale Gina Hart is fingered in the ass before being fucked by Torque

Sexy Shemales Share A Kiss, Compare Cocks!

Shemales Share Kiss Before Hardcore Fucking!

Shemales share a passionate kiss while comparing boobs and touching cocks!

Shemales share a passionate kiss while comparing boobs and touching cocks!

Shemale’s Kitty Doll and TS Gina Hart have a lot of chemistry together.

Kitty Doll is more of an amazon, dominant mistress type while Gina Hart is more submissive. Still, Gina loves getting attention and she loves receiving cock. She also likes giving and receiving blow jobs.

Since Kitty Doll is an open book when it comes to fucking, she can provide this sexy little shemale with all the versatile sex she can imagine.

As soon as the two met, they started flirting with each other, so it didn’t take long for French kissing between new shemale buddies to turn into raw, uncut, hardcore fucking.

The two of them fucked for hours. As soon as the camera started rolling they started doing their thing.

As you can see from the photo, Kitty Doll has some amazing, huge boobs that are very suckable, but don’t forget about the outstanding natural titties on TS Gina Hart.

In fact, Gina Hart has some of the softest, prettiest skin imaginable with a natural, dark tan to go with her very dark brown hair. This contrasts starkly with her blue eyes, similar to Gina Carano, which is where she gets her name.

Shemales compare their cocks with each other!

Shemales compare their cocks with each other!

Kitty has a big, veiny, uncut cock that she uses frequently as a weapon and her lovers use as a lollipop. Gina Hart has a perfectly shaped, circumcised dick that is smooth and also has nice thickness to it.

They both tasted each other’s cock and turned around and fucked each other. Even though Gina is tiny, her dick is bigger than most and is nearly as big as the six foot tall Kitty’s dick. So nobody came up short in this hot fuck session!

TS Gina Hart and TS Kitty Doll FUCK!

I loved working with both of these models, so we decided to get together and film a hardcore scene with both of them.

It was a long shoot, but a lot of fun. Kitty Doll is a character!

Both of these models dicks got extremely hard and big for this shoot. My constant interruptions were annoying me. At one point, Gina Hart “jokingly” asked me to leave.

All kinds of footage here. There is an awesome 30 minute clips entitled Gina Hart Fucks Kitty Doll… and soon, they’ll be another entitled Kitty Doll Fucks Gina Hart.

Since I stepped up my videography, I must say, this is some of the best camera work and video editing I’ve done to date. I’ve got to thank Taylor and Gabriel Criss for that. Shooting them hardcore definitely caused me to want to step my game up a little… okay a lot. That was a whole ‘nother animal. I love doing more difficult shoots, because I rise to the challenge ever time.

The angles and views you get in this video take you right inside the action. You’ll feel like you’re right there.

I can’t wait for you to see this one!

There is an amazing contrast, because Kitty Doll is 6’0″ tall while Gina Hart is only 5’4″. There’s a nice shower scene at the end. No fucking there, just cooling down and talking in the shower.

This is definitely my best work. Next time will be even better!

TS Gina Hart strokes her cock and TS Kitty Doll use the hitachi to get hard so they can perform a 69 and fuck hardcore!

TS Gina Hart strokes her cock and TS Kitty Doll use the hitachi to get hard so they can perform a 69 and fuck hardcore!

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