TS Jacqueline Woods has a big cock, an amazing body, and some sexy feet

I shot TS Jacqueline Woods for shemaleyum.com at their request. She was a bit cautious at first, but the shoot went well at she pulled out the Louisville Slugger dick and started jerking like crazy.

She likes to cum with something penetrating her ass. I always stay behind the camera, the models don’t need some dude trying to take advantage while they’re modeling. Jacqueline Woods had to reach into her goodie bag and pull out a huge thing-a-ma-jig, it wasn’t a dildo, that vibrated in her ass.

The thing-a-ma-jig worked so good that she came not once, but twice. Cumshots with pre-op transsexuals are tough enough, but when you come across one that can cum twice, that’s special!

She also has a foot fetish, so if you’re wanting to get a foot job, this is the girl for you.

She measured up her cock on camera and it was on the bigger side in length and girth. Check this shoot out on shemaleyum.com as fast as you can!

TS Jacqueline Woods, Retro Look

Jackie likes the retro look. We snapped a few pics prior to doing the Shemale Yum shoot!

TS Jacqueline Woods

Amazing model with an amazing, athletic body.

It’s TS Jacqueline Woods!

She’s got a huge, thick cock ready for the masses and she came twice!

…then bragged about it. LOL.

She has a very, Eastern European look, which makes her a little different thank your typical model. I would imagine, like Kitty Doll, she’s of Russian decent. She looks like a GG model that I shoot not too long ago, actually.

I had a fun time work with Ms. Jackie. She says it’d be fun to work with another model, so we may be doing that in the future. We’ll have to see how the Kitty Doll/Gina Hart shoot does first. I’d love to match her up with Carmin Anna Cole. What do you think?

That’d be hot!

I asked her why she calls herself Jacqueline Woods. She responded:

Because I be jackin’ wood!


So did I!

TS Jacqueline Woods shows off her extremely pretty feet and toes!

TS Jacqueline Woods shows off her extremely pretty feet and toes along with some nice hormone tits!